Small Groups & Sunday School

There are several opportunities to meet together in a small group setting.


Children have the opportunity on Sunday mornings to attend Sunday School at 9:30 AM, and the Celebration Service at 10:45 AM.  Kids of all ages are encouraged to participate in the main service.  The children’s church segment begins after the main Celebration Service portion and are dismissed right before the sermon to attend a class for their age group.

Adults & Teens

All Adults & Teens
Sunday School meets in the Library Lounge inside the main entrance.  The format is laid back and allows for participation for those that would like to join the discussion.  You are welcome to bring your coffee, sit around the table, and delve into God’s Word.
Our Wednesday night Bible Study will begin again on October 5, 2016 from 6:30-7:30 PM.  We meet every Wednesday for study and discussion and anyone is welcome to join.  We have been going through the Life of David.
Young Adults
We are still planning on getting the young adults small group back together, but a meeting date and time is not yet on the calendar.  Stay tuned!  It is a wonderful opportunity for thoughtful discussion, great fellowship, and spiritual growth.  E-mail Pastor John Gee for questions at
There is a morning bible study that meets every other Tuesday at a home in Silverdale for prayer, bible study and fellowship.  We occasionally host events throughout the year, so check out the bulletin on Sunday mornings for current events.  
All Seniors are welcome to the Seniors Small Group!  They meet in the Chico Alliance Church Library Lounge on Thursdays from 10 AM to 11:30 AM.  They meet to:

1.  Share in corporate prayer for the church, church family, individuals, and personal needs.

2.  Study the Word of God; to ask questions and look for answers in His Word.

3.  Fellowship together.  Get to know each other, sharing the good and bad; and encourage and lift each other up.  Enjoy two luncheons during the year.


Prayer Opportunities

Sunday Evening Prayer, 6 PM

Join the church family as we gather and pray for the needs of the church body, the community, and the world. 

Prayer Chain

Prayer Chain with “One Call” is a prompt way to alert our Chico Alliance family members with one telephone call for a specific request for prayer. It can be personal and family and/or friend related. Prayer is an emergency 911 call to the Lord and only a whisper away, plus we never receive a busy signal-the Lord says, “Call and I will answer you.” If you attend Chico Alliance Church and would like to get the “One Calls” please contact the church office.


Pastor’s Personal Prayer Posse

Support our Pastor in Prayer.  See the office to subscribe to weekly prayer requests by e-mail or a hard copy in your communication folder.


Missions & Outreach

There are several ways to be active throughout the year with reaching out to the community and our world.  Here are a few ways we have

Mission Trips

As a church, we have gone to three trips to Mexico in recent years. We have traveled down to the dorms of Mexico Caravan Ministries and built houses, helped in orphanages, and hopefully had our young and old(er) participants alike see clearly “God’s heart for the world… the presentation of His plan for worldwide missions [and, ultimately, been motivated] to take part in His global plan.” Visit 
 website and you will see why have loved partnering with this mission mobilizing organization and their wonderful staff.  There are no trips planned currently, but we would love to do an Alliance Envision trip in the future!

Community Garage Sale

In the past we have opened up the upper parking lot and made it available to those in our community to buy and sell their personal items.  We are seeking more ways to get involved with the community and our neighbors.  

Harvest Festival

We have a Harvest Festival every year on October 31st.  It is held in our gym and is a safe place to spend time with friends and family.  Kids get a chance to play Bible-related games, win prizes and all are able to enjoy food and fun with us.  We also love the group of volunteers that help make this event possible.

Great Commission Fund

If you hang out long enough at our church you will realize that we talk frequently about the Great Commission Fund.  That is the name attached to the denominations missions support fund.  Unlike many missions organizations who require their missionaries to raise their own support, The Alliance encourages all the churches to contribute to a special fund from which all our missions endeavors are funded. That way our missionaries can concentrate on their mission rather than be distracted with fund raising and concern about keeping their fund base up.  We find this an excellent way to free our missionaries.  We encourage our member to commit to a monthly contribution to this fund.


Chuckwagon & Potlucks

We have a Chuckwagon or Potluck, normally on the 3rd Sunday of each month, September-June.  Guests are invited to eat with us for free, all other members are asked to give a donation on the Chuckwagon days to help with the food cost.  
To help:  
For both Potlucks and Chuckwagons we need help setting up and taking down tables, chairs, and red trays (each tray hold silverware, creamers, sugars, hot and cold cups for each table) and making coffee and punch before the morning service.  For Chuckwagons we also need kitchen help in preparing food, setting up warming trays, and cleaning dishes afterward.  


We schedule potlucks for Missions conferences and other events.  For Potlucks, bring a main dish AND a side, salad, or dessert to share.