Elijah #4 – “Lessons from the Palace 2”

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Sermon Notes

I. Lessons from the Palace Part two 1 Kings 18:1-19
A. Elijah received new instructions to confront Ahab 1 Kings 18:1
B. Elijah promptly obeyed 1 Kings 18:2
C. Ahab commissioned Obadiah to search for water
1. Obadiah’s character
2. Obadiah’s commission
3. Obadiah met Elijah on the way.
4. Elijah asked Obadiah to announce his presence to Ahab
5. Obadiah expressed his reservations to Elijah
6. Elijah promised to follow through
D. Elijah confronted Ahab
1. Ahab’s twisted perspective 1 Kings 18:16-17
2. Elijah’s truthful divine perspective
3. Elijah’s bold proposal
Possible Lesson #1: God’s assignments are not always comfortable but critical
Possible Lesson #2: God strategically places His “agents” everywhere
Possible Lesson #3: God connects resources along the way of obedienc
Possible Lesson #4: Only a renewed awareness of God’s perspective and presence can conquer fear
Possible Lesson #5: Tough assignments are not punishment for sin
Possible Lesson #6: God is perfectly able to protect His children anytime anywhere
Possible Lesson #7: Much of the troubles in our life are the result of our rebellion.
Possible Lesson #8: God often calls on us to boldly confront evil and speak truth.