Seeking Community Relationship And Global Partnership.

We are a small loving family of Christ followers on a journey to learn how to listen for the truth of The Spirit (Inward) Speak the words of Jesus (Upward) and work the works of Jesus (Outward) by devoting ourselves to the teaching of God’s word, practicing meaningful connection with each other, affirming our commitment to Jesus and each other and offering fervent prayers for one another.  ~Acts 2:42

Statement of Faith

Here is what we believe. 

The Christian & Missionary Alliance

The Christian & Missionary Alliance, also known as “The Alliance,” is a world-wide missionary organization possessing a passion to evangelize the world and seeking to lead God’s people into a fuller experimental realization of all the resources that are available in Christ for holy living and effective service.  Check out The Alliance website for more information on our work throughout the world, prayer requests, devotionals, what we believe, and more.

The Four-fold Gospel

Every group has a particular distinctive that sets them apart from other groups and becomes a rally point for the members of that group.  In the early development of the Alliance there arose a four-fold emphasis known as the
that continues to be a distinctive to this day. Following is a brief description of the four foundation distinctive of the Christian and Missionary Alliance represented by the Alliance logo found here. Christ our Savior — represented by the cross Christ our Sanctifier — represented by the cup of cleansing Christ our Healer — represented by the pitcher of oil Christ our Coming King — Represented by the crown. The world surrounding the four symbols represents the commitment to take the good news to those who have never had opportunity to hear before.

Founder of The Alliance: A.B. Simpson

simpson-formal-sepia-smallChico is connected to the Christian and Missionary Alliance (“The Alliance”); a world-wide missionary organization possessing a passion to evangelize the world and seeking to lead God’s people into a fuller experimental realization of all the resources that are available in Christ for holy living and effective service.

The Movement has grown out of the life and labors of its founder, the late Dr. A.B.Simpson. For a full acquaintance with this remarkable man of God, the reader is referred to “Wingspread” by Dr. A.W.Tozer.

Dr. Simpson was born in Prince Edward Island, Canada, on December 15, 1843, of Scotch parentage. He studied for the ministry at Knox College, Toronto and was graduated in 1865. He served as pastor in Presbyterian churches in Hamilton, Ontario, Louisville, Ky, and New York City. He passed through a remarkable crisis in his spiritual experience in which he died to self and abandoned his life wholly to God. After a very serious physical break down, he entered into an experience of appropriating the life of the risen Lord Jesus for his own physical life. This proved to be a revolutionary experience, enabling him to live and labor for many years in the resurrection life of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Leaving his comfortable church, he launched out into evangelistic work among the masses of New York, trusting alone in the Lord Jesus for the supply of all his needs. The burden of a lost world was heavy on him, and he soon engaged in a great worldwide missionary crusade. To better train workers for this vast effort, he founded the Missionary Training Institute at Nyack, N.Y., the oldest Bible Institute in America. He also launched the weekly Christian periodical that later became known as The Alliance Weekly, the official organ of the Movement.

Dr. Simpson is the author of a large number of well-known hymns that have had wide circulation and have brought great blessing to many. He conducted an intensive ministry at home for the saving of souls and deepening of spiritual life in addition to his missionary efforts.    At the present time the Movement has a missionary force of over twelve hundred who are laboring in thirty-eight major mission fields.

History of Chico

There have been many significant spiritual events over nearly a half a century of ministry that are difficult to measure. Many have come to know and love the Lord and some are in full time service today as a result of the impact of this family thorough the years.
Chico Alliance had its early beginnings and conception in the 1920’s through Dr NA Jepson coming from Seattle to start a Sunday School in the old-old school behind the Chico garage.  In 1934 Ralph and Georgena Hallman organized the Sunday School in the old Chico grade school.  Early preaching was carried on by Rev. Kroon who simultaneously served three churches; Keyport, Scandia, and Chico.  Rev. Holman began pastoring the church late in 1943, while working in the Electric Shop at PSNS years.
The actual birth (incorporation day) is dated Nov 5, 1945 named The Bible Chapel of Erlands Point located on the Erlands Point Highway. The “Chapel” gave birth with twelve charter members.Rev. and Mrs. Bohl accepted the pastorate in 1950 and served for nine years.
Rev. John Durkee began his ministry September 6, 1959.  The rumors about the State buying the church and property to make room for the new highway became fact in March of 1964.
The present site of the church was purchased and work began immediately to enlarge and repair the present parsonage.  The present gym and education building were built first.  By the end of September the heavy arches were erected in one day by hand because no crane large enough could be found in the area.  The roof was also completed in one day. Every able-bodied person in the church worked, including the women, boys and girls.

There were about 70 men at the peak of construction with a hard core crew of about 15 finished May 5, 1968 at which time they chose to affiliate with the Christian and Missionary Alliance and assumed the name Chico Alliance Church signifying both its affiliation and location.

Construction began on the sanctuary following a Easter Sunday groundbreaking in 1974. The new Sanctuary was completed September 1976 under the leadership of the new Pastor John Stetzer.

A preschool ministry to the community began in 1974.  This was followed by the opening of Bremerton Christian School which was purchased by Crista Ministries and named King’s West, which eventually became Crosspoint Academy.  Crosspoint was bought by Gateway Fellowship and is now a part of their Gateway Christian Schools.

 John Stetzer served until  1982 followed by Earnst Grames who served until his retirement in 1988. Pastor David Welch was called as pastor in August of 1989 until his retirement from ministry in 2018.  John Gee was called as Lead Pastor and served from Jan-Dec 2019, after serving as the Associate Pastor at Chico for 5 years.  Jered Weaver was called to Chico as Senior Pastor and has been ministering since September 1, 2020.   
As of 2024, Chico has merged into The Refuge Church!