Sunday Refreshments

We like to provide refreshments before and after the service – coffee, juice, snacks, cookies, fruit, etc.  One way you can get involved is sign up for a Sunday to provide snacks.   

Chuckwagon & Potlucks

We have a Chuckwagon or Potluck, normally on the 3rd Sunday of each month, September-June.  Guests are invited to eat with us for free, all other members are asked to give a donation on the Chuckwagon days to help with the food cost.  
To help:  
For both Potlucks and Chuckwagons we need help setting up and taking down tables, chairs, and red trays (each tray hold silverware, creamers, sugars, hot and cold cups for each table) and making coffee and punch before the morning service.  For Chuckwagons we also need kitchen help in preparing food, setting up warming trays, and cleaning dishes afterward.  


We schedule potlucks for Missions conferences and other events.  For Potlucks, bring a main dish AND a side, salad, or dessert to share.