Missions & Outreach

There are several ways to be active throughout the year with Global Partnership and Local Reach.  

Global Partnership

Mission Trips

As a church, we have gone to three trips to Mexico in recent years. We have traveled down to the dorms of Mexico Caravan Ministries and built houses, helped in orphanages, and hopefully had our young and old(er) participants alike see clearly “God’s heart for the world… the presentation of His plan for worldwide missions [and, ultimately, been motivated] to take part in His global plan.” Visit Caravan Ministries  website and you will see why have loved partnering with this mission mobilizing organization and their wonderful staff.  There are no trips planned currently, but we would love to do an Alliance Envision trip in the future!

Mama Packs

We seek to be a church that has global reach. We are sending Mama Packs to West Africa for infants in need. You can drop these off in the front of the sanctuary before and after service or drop them by the office during the week! 

Pastor Sacha- Alliance Church in Siberia

 Partnering with Pastor Sacha for over 7 years, working to build a church in the Siberia region of Russia, in a place where there is no church or place to worship for over 100 miles. Contact us to see how you can help the people of God in Russia!

Alliance Missionaries in Cambodia

We are currently developing this relationship, stay tuned for updates!!

Great Commission Fund

If you hang out long enough at our church you will realize that we talk frequently about the Great Commission Fund.  That is the name attached to the denominations missions support fund.  Unlike many missions organizations who require their missionaries to raise their own support, The Alliance encourages all the churches to contribute to a special fund from which all our missions endeavors are funded. That way our missionaries can concentrate on their mission rather than be distracted with fund raising and concern about keeping their fund base up.  We find this an excellent way to free our missionaries.  We encourage our member to commit to a monthly contribution to this fund.



There are many local programs that are making a difference and helping the hurting in Kitsap County.  As we transition into a church radically concerned with the community, we will aggressively pursue relationships in which we can love the community around us where they are. 

Through:  New Day Ministry 

We are collecting items for New Day Ministry in Kitsap County. New Day Ministry provides dinner, referral services, assistance, and offer spiritual 12 steps at no cost to low-income members of our community.  You can read more about their ministry at www.newdayministrywa.org  
Items we are focusing on in Fall 2019:
* Monetary donations
* Tents, tarps
* Blankets, sleeping bags
* Hats, socks, boots
* Coats (new or used), warm weather clothing

Through:  The Coffee Oasis

Coffee Oasis is one of the best ways to serve the hurting youth of this community. As we transition into a church radically concerned with the community, we will aggressively pursue relationships in which we can love the community around us where they are. If you are interested in being involved with this amazing community partner, please email Pastor John at PastorJohn@Chicocma.com or visit their website at thecoffeeoasis.com/get-involved

Harvest Festival

We have a Harvest Festival every year on October 31st, 5:30-8:00 PM.  It is held in our gym and is a safe place to spend time with friends and family.  Kids get a chance to play Bible-related games, win prizes and all are able to enjoy food and fun with us.  We also love the group of volunteers that help make this event possible.