Gym Floor Fund

We are putting in a new gym floor in 2022!!  We would love your help! 

We have a quote for $48,000 + shipping for the floor/installation/shipping, plus whatever we need to do to prepare the floor. 
We have $14,000 in the fund right now, and up to about $20,000 that we will be designating toward the floor from our general fund… that leaves us with  around $16,000 left to go!  We are getting so close!  
If you would like to contribute, let us know your donation is for the “Gym Floor Fund”.  (We are a non-profit, so your gift is tax deductible.)
Any amount is so appreciated and will help make this a reality!
  • 1/30/22 – Thank you for your $100 donation! 🙂 
FUND BALANCE AS OF 1/31/22:  $15,065.47 
  • 2/7/22 – THANK YOU! for the $3,000 donation toward the gym floor!!  <3  Getting closer!!
  • 2/13/22 – Thank you for the $300 toward the gym floor! 🙂  
We have looked at sport tiles for flooring at SnapSports, which is what our current quote is for with their multi-sport “Revolution” tiles.  If you have any suggestions for flooring that’s within the 50k range that is a better option, don’t hesitate to let us know.  (The floor in the gym right now was poured (Torginol?), and for some reason had putty or something on all the seams of the subfloor, which the flooring did not adhere to – and is now all the places where the flooring is ripping off.)    
Different color options are available and can “Design a Court” on their website.  Here’s a few I was playing with using the light wood grain color:  

Photo Gallery