Sharon Cerkoney

 March 30, 1938 – November 21, 2017
Celebration of Life
A celebration of Sharon’s life was held at Chico Alliance Church
December 8, 2017          11:00 AM – 1:40 PM
Sharon “Sherri” Cerkoney, 79
Eulogy written by daughter, Tamra Truemper

Sharon (Henry) Cerkoney was born March 30th, 1938 to Calvin Henry and Violet Story.  She had three brothers, Calvin Henry, Jim Kane, and Edward Timbers; and three sisters, Joyce (Henry), Eileen (Timbers) Pazzino, and Barbara “Bobbie” Barnes.

Sharon grew up in Mukilteo, Washington, went to Everett High School and loved helping her mother do a lot of baking and canning of fruits and vegetables.  She grew up as a Catholic and was married at age 19 to Frank Cerkoney.  They had two daughters, Tamra (Michael Truemper), and Debra Fogelman.

Her brother, Jim Kane, remembers: 

Sharon would send me to collect milk bottles off the neighbor’s doorsteps that were worth 5 cents.  We would then collect them, and cash them in at the store to buy candy.  

Also, there was a well-known wrestler that lived in the area whose name was Gorgeous George that had tried to pick her up in his car, which she refused.  When she told me about it, I knew the name, but she didn’t, so I said that I had to believe that it happened.

Her sister, Eileen Pazzino, remembers:

Sharon was a fantastic Jaxx player.  She taught me how to play Jaxx and jump rope.  Sharon and I slept in the same bed at night and I remember her being such a great story teller, she would tell me a lot of great stories.  She was also a great yodeler; she could yodel like none other.  There was a time when Sharon had to take care of her younger siblings while her mother worked, and her step-father was recovering from an injury.  She helped mom a lot.

Her daughter, Tammy Truemper, remembers: 

I remember while going back and forth on the Seattle ferry to grandma’s house, Mom was very quick witted and a lot of fun to be with.  One time while mom and Bobbie were playing cards on the ferry, mom had given Debi, my sister, and I a deck of cards to play around with.  She noticed a couple ladies giving her a disapproving look.  These ladies were being so rude that mom finally said, “Okay, girls, now it’s time for your weekly poker lesson.”  (Of course, we had never played poker) and the ladies left in a huff. 

Mom also had a very feisty side to her when it came to her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.  I remember many a time when she and I, or she and my sister, would walk into the different schools ready for a fight when she felt that the school had done her grandchildren wrong.  The teachers did not like to see us coming! 

Mom was very proud when my sister and I graduated high school and was amazed and so pleased when I graduated College Phi Theta Kappa. 

While in elementary school Debi and I would take the Sunday school bus that picked us up in front of our house.  We were taken to what was then called the Presbyterian Church but is now called Lincoln Avenue Church.  A man named Mr. Moss would witness to both my sister and me.  I don’t remember if it was through him, but it was from someone at that church that, at six-years old, I received the Lord as my Lord and Savior!  Mom had a hard time with me after that because she couldn’t stop me from taking my Bible, with a slip on my head (which I wore to pretend that I had long hair) knocking on the neighbor’s doors and preaching the word of God! 

Another thing that I remember is when mom and Bobbie took Debi and I on a car trip to Arkansas.  This is where Bobbie grew up and we were going to see her Ma and Pa.  We went through 10 different states and it was fantastic.  Because my mom never learned how to drive, Bobbie drove the whole way.  We stopped at so many places along the way. 

The final thing I remember is that mother truly loved being a grandmother, I can remember her marching with them throughout the house banging on pots and pans with a wooden spoon.  They were marching in a parade!  As she leaves this world she is now in a parade of God’s angels and his anointed.  Farewell mother!  I know that you are in a better place!  I love and will continue to love you forever!  Until we meet again!



Her daughter, Debi Fogelman, remembers:

When I was about 10 years old, Mom and I were the only ones at home when we heard this loud bang in the back of the house.  Mom asked me to go see what happened.  I told her, “No way!” that she was the mother. 

I was such a scaredy cat when I was young.  At my grandma’s house in Mukilteo they had a swing that was in the backyard.  Tammy and I were swinging on the swing together when suddenly, Tammy jumped off the swing and ran yelling, “A bear! a bear!”  She left me behind scrambling as fast as I could trying to get off the swing to run!  I was terrified! 

When I was about 14 years old Mom was walking on the other side of the street from me, going the same direction, and I started acting crazy yelling, “Mama, Mama, please don’t leave me.  I love you.  Why are you doing this to me?”  My mother was so mortified, she trotted even faster to get to our destination.  Upon arrival, I got the biggest chewing-out ever!  Once when I went to the fair with my mother, I kiddingly walked up to a police officer, pointed to my mom and said I thought there were no dogs allowed.  So, playing along the police officer preceded to escort my mother out of line.  Mother actually cussed and said, “That Debi, she’s up to her old shenanigans again.” 

There was a time when Christa, my granddaughter, was younger she’d yell out that either her dad, uncle or grandma was hitting her (none of them were).  After awhile Mom would get so upset that she’d come out yelling, “Leave Christa alone!”  Christa thought this was so funny that she could get everyone else in trouble.

Another time when Destinee, my granddaughter, was trying to learn from my mother how to blow a bubble with her gum, Destinee blew so hard that the gum flew out of her mouth and hit her great-grandma in the face!

Lastly, I was mother’s caretaker and took care of her for several years.  I will have lots of good special memories of my time with her.  Mom, you were my best friend.  You are so beautiful and always will be!  I will miss you forever!

Bobbie remembers:

When my ex-husband was getting ready to be deployed and was getting ready to move to Texas, Sharon was a neighbor then and asked me to come move in with her and the girls.  I’ve been with them ever since then.  I bought Sherri a Princess Diana ring that she had really wanted for this Christmas.  I decided to give it to her early while she was in the hospital and am so glad I did.  She wore it while in there, this was my last gift to her and I will treasure it forever.  Sharon, you were the best sister!  I will treasure all the memories and all the fun that we had!  Love you.

Unfortunately, Sharon’s youngest brother Edward Timbers passed away from natural causes the day before she did.  This was a great shock to the family because he was in great shape and only 73.  His wife, Shannon, found him sitting in his chair having gone to Jesus!  We will all miss you too, Uncle Edward!

Sharon has 6 grandchildren:  Ryen Fogelman, David Fogelman, Terra Truemper (Brandon Sprout), Johnathan Truemper (Krystal Goulden), Crystal Truemper (dating Michael Harstad), Matthew Truemper (deceased).

She also has 6 great grandchildren:  Christa Fogelman (dating Ross Escolta), Destinee Murphy, Anjoleah Sprout, Serenna Dollarhide, Selysse Dollarhide, and Allana Truemper.