Sunday Service

Meeting In-Person & Online

9:15am & 10:30am

We would love for you to join us in worship together:
  • 9:15am—Sunday School. There are usually several people hanging out starting around 9:15am, so feel free to enter the meeting a little early to get a few minutes of greeting time before the start of Sunday School. Children meet for their class in-person only during the same time, you can call the church office for information on joining that class.  If you have any children you would like to attend by Zoom, please call the office by Friday, 4 PM, to arrange that.  
  • 10:15am—Short break. You can hang out with the others in zoom or grab that last cup of coffee during this short break before church starts.  If you missed Sunday school this is a good time to login and get set up for the Sunday service if you are on Zoom.
  • 10:30am—Sunday Service.  We start our Sunday Service a little bit earlier now, the new time is 10:30am.  For previous sermons, check out our YouTube or under the Media tab, “Sermon Videos”.
Sunday School 9:15am
Worship Service 10:30am
Clicking the above link will connect you to the Sunday service, during the meeting times above.  
To view a list of the zoom information, including the phone numbers used to dial in,
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